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Playgroup : Playgroup is the first time, the child leaves its comfort zone, to interact with adults and other children of their age, on their own. It is a significant step, in the learning cycle of a child and their parents. At Tiny Oaks International, our Playgroup curriculum encourages children to learn basics of alphabets, counting, identifying, communicating and socialising with other kids. This helps expand their intelligence, stimulates imagination, encourages creativity, problem solving and develops confidence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

Nursery : Nursery children practice their language and social skills through role plays and story time. They use different learning aids like puzzles, board games and are introduced to the concept of good habits, hygiene, taking turns and sharing. At Tiny Oaks International, language skills, alphabets, numbers, phonics, music, playtime makes an integral part of the curriculum for Nursery. Individual attention in a small class setting, independent and creative learning with hands-on experiences, under the guidance of expert teachers are the hallmark of our Nursery program.

Junior KG / Senior KG : Our Kindergarten curriculum helps create eager learners looking to expand their imagination. They also have more developed social skills. If the child has gone through our Playgroup/Nursery years, they will be more confident in using spoken English in conversation. The learning will begin with different themes and activities that seek to broaden their learning horizons. The key focus in Kindergarten is ensuring the growth and development of the child in following areas – physical development, cognitive development, language skills, socio-emotional development and awareness of physical environment. We ensure that our children completing the Senior KG, are well equipped and ready for primary schooling in all streams of Indian as well as International schools.