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About us - Tiny Oaks International

Learn Today...Lead Tomorrow

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to reach their full potential. Children develop quickly in their early years, often faster than we’d like, interpreting and processing every little detail of the confusing yet colourful world around them. Every single experience that a child has between their birth and the age of 5 is incredibly important in ways we cannot imagine, as it is these precious experiences that determine a child's future life in a big way.

It is crucial, for each and every child, to have an institution with experience to hold their hand and guide them through their journey, striving to discover who they are. While a safe, secure and happy childhood is of paramount importance, good parenting, professional childcare and high-quality learning, together provides the much-needed rudimentary foundation to the child. This helps the child to make most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

Tiny Oaks International is one of the finest integrated preschool and day-care organisation in Thane, that not only provides a home away from home to your child but also the same atmosphere of love, care and tenderness to every pupil. Our qualified, creative, competent and trained staff coupled with a comprehensive curriculum ensures that every child feels comfortable and achieves her/his full potential from young age. Tiny Oaks International uses an intricate fusion of traditional values, modern outlook along with latest technology and a team of passionate teachers to provide holistic education to young children, who will eventually be global citizens, who will lead the future generations.

Our Vision

At Tiny Oaks International, we provide an enriching and challenging education and care to children as they follow a broad and balanced programme based on the Early Years Foundation Stage. Within our welcoming and caring atmosphere, each child is respected as an individual. We foster the essential human qualities of mutual respect, integrity, kindness, loyalty, self-discipline, independence, consideration, and self-confidence, equipping our children to become internationally aware citizens. We guide them to develop their full intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, moral and physical potential so that they learn, think, and make responsible choices, expressing their feelings, thoughts and ideas with clarity.

Our Mission

The purpose of education imparted at Tiny Oaks International is to enable each child to be a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor to society.